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Our life-goal is to catalyze affordable, inclusive, safe, and secure digital access for underserved or excluded populations; and to use this as a basis for a more thriving digital ecosystem that generates digital solutions to local development challenges, as well as skilled jobs in the local digital economy.

We are grounded on the recognition that digital is a key enabler of development and inclusive growth. The end beneficiaries of the Programme are those who are excluded and underserved, and so for example they may be female, live in more rural and/or remote or lower-income areas, be less literate, and have limited access to information and opportunities.

Our Africa-wide reach

We Sensitizee, Educate, and Empowers Africa in Ai through online courses, with an objective to steer AI practical applications through project-based learning. Artificial intelligence for Africa (AiFA) strives to ensure Africa's challenges, have the potential to be resolved using Ai based solutions especially to underserved communities in Africa.








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Our core values

Almost 50% of people globally cannot access the Internet and, while digital technologies bring great potential to tackle poverty and accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, this will only happen if the benefits of digital technologies are accessible to all.

Make AI Accessible to Africa

We aim to share datasets to help all players involved create multiple products, services or production methods simultaneously.

Grow AI Startups & Solutions for Africa

We aim to inform policy & strategy on AI adoption.

Make AI Accessible for everybody.

With the under-representation of minorities in the field of artificial intelligence is already creating biased algorithms that are widening the minority gap in private companies on the continent,

Our Team

We belive that AI has the potential to solve complex problems for the African Continent fast, and in so doing, free up time and raise productivity. By accelerating the adoption of AI in sectors experiencing complex problems such as humanitarian response, climate change and food resilience, agricultural systems, delivery of health and education, and in business the impact for Africa can be accelared.

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Gail Lanier


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